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IEEE Blockchain presents:

Pharma Supply BLOCK Chain Forum

June 6, 2017 – John Hopkins University Campus, Rockville, MD
Decode the adoption blocks; innovate the pharmaceutical supply chain


DID YOU KNOW? Healthcare is the second fastest growing sector to make Blockchain or distributed leader technologies (DLT) adoption a priority in 2017 (Deloitte 2017 Blockchain Survey)! The truth of the matter is that Pharma cannot afford to lag and needs to become an active player in the future of healthcare. The shift has started; get in now!

About the Forum

The pharmaceutical supply chain sometimes referred to as the “drug supply chain” is ripe for consideration for blockchain adoption. The Pharma Supply BLOCK Chain Forum, is an in-depth, one-day educational program taking the discussion of blockhain adoption to the next level. We are no longer talking what is blockchain technology; but rather why now and how to make it happen. Attendees will hear from a blended group of tech innovators, regulatory leaders, industry experts, academic researchers and professionals from outside the industry presenting on supply chain usage study progress.

Practical Learning Topics Include:

  • Optimization of the drug supply chain from production to patient
  • Restoration of integrity to the supply chain
  • Maximizing the revenue potential from the data available on the blockchain
  • Understanding the different yet collaborative nature of emerging technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain, DLTs and more) to optimize the supply chain
  • The role of digital identity and how it intersects with the pharma supply chain
  • Enabling better harmonization and collaboration with trusted partners
  • The regulatory perspective – what “they” are saying about Blockchain in Pharma
  • Data governance
  • Lay the groundwork for standards for adoption in the sector
  • The 3-point view of Smart Contracts
  • And, whatever other great topics we receive from the open call for papers!


If you have an outstanding usage study, insight into how blockchain applications would work in the pharmaceutical supply chain or simply an innovator with great ideas, then we want you to join us as a speaker.