About the Advancing HealthTech for Humanity™ Virtual Blockchain Workshop

We welcome your interest and participation in the Advancing HealthTech for Humanity™ Virtual Blockchain workshop. This workshop provides an opportunity for a cross-section of talented and interested individuals focused on making an impact to address problems in healthcare to collaborate to develop innovative blockchain solutions.

Participants will better understand several of the key challenges related to healthcare; develop a base level understanding of blockchain technologies; and receive support to leverage participating block chain platforms available in the market today. The goal of this workshop is to allow participants to help advance the state of the problem resolutions utilizing block chain technologies.

It is our belief that through our Advancing HealthTech Humanity™ Virtual Blockchain Workshop Series, participants are able to get beyond the mystique or the hype of the technology, and better understand the capabilities of the technology, with an improved ability to help address key challenges in healthcare including those touching upon privacy, security, fraud and abuse.

A panel of evaluators will review the submitted solutions based on the following criteria: adherence to the problem statement; usefulness and practicality of solution; impact towards resolving the challenge; design of the solution; and out-of-the-box thinking. The panel may include a cross-section of evaluators, including but not limited to: technologist, designers, developers, and healthcare providers.

The selected solutions will be announced at the Computer Society Rock Stars of Emerging Technology event on 2 November 2016, in El Segundo, CA.

Additional Information

If you are a platform provider interested in participating in this one of a kind event, please submit your information to us via the contact page. While we are working hard to engage as many interested and committed platforms as possible, we do reserve the right to request platforms wait until our subsequent events, if your participation may be disruptive to the flow of the event; if you are unable to offer platform access to participants at no cost; or if you are unable to commit to the necessary support required of all platform providers. We share these points upfront to ensure that participants have the ability to effectively participate in our workshop.

Rules + Agreements