General FAQs

Answer: Anyone with an interest in participating is welcome to do so.
Answer: There is no fee charged for participation in this Advanced HealthTech for Humanity Virtual Blockchain Workshop.
Answer: October 21, 2016
Answer: Connect with other participants through Slack to find possible collaborators.
Team Name: AHT4H_Virtual_Blockchain_Workshop
Team Domain: https://aht4h-vblockchain.slack.com/
Answer: Fill out the Contact Us page as soon as possible. We do reserve the right to deny any questions that are not appropriate or may be too late into the event timeline to receive material input.
Answer: Fill out the Contact Us page as soon as possible. We do reserve the right to deny any platforms that are not appropriate or may be too late into the event timeline to receive material usage by participants.


Platform Provider Toolkit - Self Care Catalyst

Health Storylines™ offers a turn-key digital solution that allows healthcare and self-care data to be written to the YouBase blockchain.

Value-add Solution for Patients
Customize or create data tracking tools for patients delivered through the Health Storylines™ platform, including open source clinical surveys, self care activities, or content such as videos, educational modules, polls and more to enable holistic condition management.

Gain Access to Patients
The anonymity provided by the blockchain allows for anonymous messaging and recruitment of patients to research studies.

  • Understand patient behavior through patient-reported outcomes and passive data (e.g. wearable data, or passive activity data) collected from the Health Storylines™ platform and other medical information sources stored on the YouBase blockchain.
  • Investigate population trends for different clinical conditions, regions, etc.
  • Access a targeted patient population with two way anonymity for ad-hoc and custom designed research studies
Our tools work on any operating system. Contact blockchain@selfcarecatalysts.com for access details and exciting opportunities to use Health Storylines to create blockchain compatible digital tracking tools and Patient Storylines to create analytics that survey the public data available through the YouBase blockchain.
Product details can be found at selfcarecatalysts.com and blockchain questions can be addressed to blockchain@selfcarecatalysts.com.
Contact blockchain@selfcarecatalysts.com to partner as patient tool creator (Health Storylines) or blockchain analytics module creator (Patient Storylines)


Platform Provider Toolkit - YouBase

YouBase enables individuals to create and maintain a personal data store on a distributed public network, allowing the unprecedented ability to easily gather, analyze, and share private data for any purpose imaginable. Data is structured hierarchically so that increasingly identifiable data can be placed at levels closer to the root, allowing arbitrarily anonymized data to be shared with whoever is requesting access to it. The data format is flexible, enabling easy integration with third parties. In addition, read-only or read/write access can be granted at any node in the tree, allowing the user to tightly control access to every subtree in the data store. YouBase thus provides the building blocks for the ultimate peer-to-peer central repository for private data, enabling individuals, organizations, and the world to make smarter decisions. More details at http://paper.youbase.com.
You can work with YouBase Javascript library or REST API. More details at http://developer.youbase.com
To obtain API access please send an e-mail to support@youbase.io
Check the documentation at http://develper.youbase.io and if you have questions send a note to support@youbase.io.
We are working with several solutions with partners. We will post more details on developer.youbase.io as they become available.