Blockchain and Healthcare

One critical vertical that IEEE Blockchain is exploring is the use of blockchain in healthcare. From supply chain and clinical trial management to securely recording and protecting patient data, the integration of blockchain technologies in healthcare will revolutionize the industry worldwide. Potential benefits include the ability to securely store and share critical data, which is often contained in silos. Blockchain can also give various healthcare providers immediate access to patient records, streamline IT and operational costs, reduce fraud, facilitate telemedicine -- which involves the remote delivery of healthcare services over telecommunications, and ultimately support better health outcomes for patients.

In the next 5 years, the global market size for blockchain technology use in healthcare is estimated to reach 5.61 Billion USD. During this time frame, the adoption of blockchain technology is expected to save the healthcare industry up to 150 Billion USD per year in data breach-related costs, information technology costs, operations costs, personnel costs, and more.

Reference: BIS Research


One of the ways in which IEEE Blockchain aims to address this rapidly evolving global transformation is by introducing a new collaborative, virtual event series,
IEEE Healthcare: Blockchain & AI.

Through podcasts, virtual keynotes and industry forums, digitally curated poster competitions, globally connected standards collaborations, and publications, this series aims to deliver actionable discussions from all aspects of industry. The 2020 edition of the series entitled Wearables will be held Oct 2020 to Sept 2021. It will cover topics including wearable medical devices, mobile apps, medical research, and healthcare delivery in the age of pandemics & beyond.

Additional details coming soon.