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Advanced Blockchain for EnterpriseAdvanced Blockchain for Enterprise Virtual Event - 4-5 December 2018
IEEE Educational Activities

Presented by corporate blockchain strategist and MIT lecturer, Steve Derezinski.

Are you ready to take your blockchain education to the next level? Coming 4-5 December 2018, these two 1-hour sessions will cover advanced blockchain concepts and applications for managers, engineers and leaders. Designed to provide business cases for disruption across energy, supply chain, IoT and finance industries, you and your staff will learn the technical aspects of using/implementing this in-demand technology to impact your bottom line.

Upon successful completion of the virtual event’s assessment, you will receive a digital certificate with IEEE continuing educations units (CEUs) and professional development hours (PDHs).

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Blockchain-GDPR Privacy by Design

Blockchain-GDPR Privacy by DesignHow Decentralized Blockchain Internet Will Comply with GDPR Data Privacy

By Claudio Lima, Ph.D., Blockchain Engineering Council, BEC Co-Founder; Vice Chair, IEEE Blockchain Standards - July 2018

"The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was recently approved for implementation in the EEUU by May 25th, 2018 is already creating some controversies, when confronted with emerging Blockchain technologies, regarding what they have most in common: data privacy and protection. These are two are essential areas where Blockchain shines."

Download the paper (PDF, 899 KB)

Read Dr. Lima's article "Adapting Blockchain for GDPR Compliance" at InformationWeek


Call for Interest to Volunteer for IEEE Blockchain

IEEE BlockchainIEEE Blockchain is currently seeking volunteers to participate in the initiative and support ongoing activities. This is a call to all IEEE Blockchain Technical Community Members. For more information, please access our Call for Interest page and sign in with your IEEE Blockchain Technical Community account. If you are not a member of the IEEE Blockchain Technical Community, sign up today for free!





IEEE Blockchain eLearning Modules

IEEE Blockchain eLearning ModulesThe IEEE Blockchain Initiative offers a series of online eLearning modules on Blockchain. Learn from the experts about how this emerging technology will offer a new way of conducting transactions, securing networks, and recording the validity and origin of data. Courses will cover a range of topics, including the fundamentals of Blockchain, key technologies, architecture, potential applicatons, benefits, challenges, and more. Participants also have the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) with each course.

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New IEEE Blockchain White Paper Available

Reinforcing the Links of the Blockchain
IEEE Future Directions - November 2017

The purpose of this white paper is to explore the various ways by which the IEEE can lead and support an initiative on Blockchain while providing educational materials that will foster the next generation of blockchain engineers. This white paper summarizes and expands upon the IEEE Blockchain Incubator Workshop held by IEEE Future Directions at the end of October in 2017.

Download the white paper (PDF, 1 MB)


IEEE Blockchain Incubator Workshop

IEEE Blockchain Incubator Workshop26-27 October 2017 | Arlington, VA, USA

A white paper and presentations from the IEEE Blockchain Incubator Workshop held 26-27 October 2017 in Arlington, VA are now available for download.

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News Articles

Can Blockchain Rescue the Stalled IoT?
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2018

With IoT deployments facing security, privacy, and identity concerns, applying Blockchain-based solutions could significantly enhance IoT frameworks with more automated resource optimization and innate security. A hybrid or polyglot architecture is likely to emerge.

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Applying Blockchain for eGovernment
TechTalks - October 2018

What improvements will blockchain technologies bring to eGovernment services? Implemented well, it will cut costs and help to build trust and transparency, particularly in developing countries where governments are currently scaling digital services.

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Shipping Giants Employ Blockchain Technology to Manage Supply Chain Logistics
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2018

Learn how two of the largest U.S.-based shipping companies, UPS and FedEx, each plan to leverage blockchain and its secure digital ledger technology to help address challenges in supply chain logistics, determine the most efficient transit routes, streamline data exchanges, and more.

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Hack-Resistant Blockchain Could Be the Solution to AV Security Challenges
IEEE Innovation at Work - September 2018

As automation in vehicles continues to grow, addressing new challenges concerning data security in autonomous vehicles (AVs) is vital. How will the massive amount of data created by AVs be processed, stored, and protected? Could the tamper-resistant nature of blockchain make it an ideal solution?

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