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How Blockchain Can Transform Healthcare
IEEE Innovation at Work - March 2020

From supply chain and clinical trial management to securely recording and protecting patient data, the integration of blockchain technology in healthcare will revolutionize the industry worldwide. However, there are several major challenges ahead that blockchain must first overcome.

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China Launches National Blockchain Network in 100 Cities
IEEE Spectrum - March 2020

Proponents say it will reduce the cost of doing blockchain-based business by 80 percent

China has effectively banned Bitcoin, but is embracing blockchain wholeheartedly.

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How Businesses and Governments Plan to Invest in Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - February 2020

Recent advancements in the realm of blockchain offer many opportunities that businesses and governments can utilize. In this article, various use cases are examined, including cloud-based solutions, ways in which blockchain can revolutionize business-customer relationships, and how distributed ledger technology could streamline the world economy.

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Raising the World’s Standards in Cryptocurrency
IEEE Beyond Standards - February 2020

Did you know that global cryptocurrency payments exceed $1 million USD each day? Yet, the lack of cryptocurrency standards and trust between investors and service providers remain major hindrances. To help, the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Blockchain Standards Committee has established working groups to address the need, and two series of cryptocurrency standards-development projects are underway.

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Blockchain-as-a-Service for Supply Chain
IEEE Innovation at Work - January 2020

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) can benefit companies of various sizes and help them scale to better keep up with increasing demands. Learn about the benefits that this technology offers for supply chains, and read about some real life examples from Starbucks and IBM, who are using BaaS in applications that show consumers where their coffee comes from.

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