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What the Healthcare Industry Needs to Adopt: Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - April 2022

Blockchain technologies are expected to be a major driving factor in the creation of a patient-centric healthcare industry by securing highly sensitive patient data, providing new solutions such as multiple-signature contracts, and making electronic medical records significantly more secure, efficient, and disintermediated.

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How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Cyber Security
IEEE Innovation at Work - March 2022

The decentralized nature of blockchain will not only make the internet more secure against cyber attacks, but it will also give users greater control over their personal data through a concept known as digital identity wallets.

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Why Major Retailers and Automakers Are Embracing Blockchain Solutions
IEEE Innovation at Work - February 2022

From retail giants to automakers, businesses across the globe are turning to blockchain technology to better manage records, prevent disputes, and ensure compliance across the supply chain, while at the same time increasing transparency, security, and trust.

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