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Why Can't Computing at the Heart of Bitcoin Be More Useful?
IEEE Spectrum - June 2021

The landmark cryptocurrency's energy use is out of hand, so researchers are investigating ways to make it more productive

It takes a lot of energy and computational power to mine bitcoin. Researchers are now proposing to reinvest this energy into something more useful.

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Forget Cryptocurrencies and NFTs—Securing Devices Is the Future of Blockchain Technology
IEEE Spectrum - May 2021

Project CHIP’s Compliance Ledger takes security to the next level

Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP)'s blockchain-based compliance ledger can be used to create trust among IoT devices as one of the first scaled-out blockchain efforts outside of cryptocurrency launches.

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How Blockchain Can Solve the Growing E-Waste Problem
IEEE Xplore - May 2021

To address the growing electronic waste stream resulting from unwanted devices, a team in India has created an incentive-based management system using 5G and blockchain that tracks and monitors an electronic product throughout its entire lifecycle, from the point of manufacturing to the point a product is properly disposed.

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Why the Future Internet of Things Depends on Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - May 2021

The integration of blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be revolutionary, creating an interconnected network of devices while at the same time safeguarding data. Through the use of smart contracts and decentralized recordkeeping, the entire supply chain could be streamlined, resulting in more efficient and secure transactions across a variety of industries.

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Three Major Ways Blockchain Can Boost Supply Chains
IEEE Innovation at Work - April 2021

Today's supply chain systems are complex, often relying on multiple entities to track transactions, logistics, and other data. Learn how blockchain technologies can help simplify supply chains while building trust, security, and accessibility to all involved.

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How Blockchain Will Personalize Healthcare
IEEE Innovation at Work - March 2021

Healthcare is one of the major industries that can benefit from Blockchain technologies. From providing fast and secure real-time access of medical information to giving patients full control their data, the utilization of blockchain can help lead to better, more centralized healthcare.

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How Blockchain and IoT Will Enable “Smart Contracts”
IEEE Innovation at Work - January 2021

While the Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes the way we and wireless interconnected devices interact with each other, blockchain technology will help to ensure the trustworthiness of those devices and their data transactions through smart contracts.

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