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Will Blockchain Transform Personal Health Data Management?
IEEE Innovation at Work - December 2020

With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines underway, blockchain technologies may be able to help medical professionals, manufacturers, distributors, and patients stay on top of these vaccines in a secure manner by tracking vaccine deployment as well as safeguarding medical records.

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How Blockchain Will Boost Global Supply Chains During the Pandemic
IEEE Innovation at Work - November 2020

The demand for blockchain technologies is becoming increasingly popular across key industries and sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a look at the benefits of blockchain in several of those industries, including ICT, food and agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

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Seven Ways Blockchain Will Strengthen IoT
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2020

With Internet of Things (IoT) deployment rates on the rise and 45 billion connected IoT devices expected by the year 2023, securing and streamlining the infrastructure remains an ongoing challenge. However, blockchain technologies provide a number of major ways to help overcome this problem.

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IEEE Experts Weigh Social Implications of Emerging Technologies in Future Pandemics
IEEE Spectrum - October 2020

The technologies include big data, blockchain, 5G, and drones

Emerging technologies can help societies during global pandemics, but deployment and implementation must be carefully guided. In this article, thought leaders from IEEE Future Directions initiatives on Blockchain, Brain, Digital Reality, and Future Networks explore the societal aspects of utilizing emerging technologies to secure health and economic systems against future pandemics.

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Six Major Challenges Healthcare Organizations Must Overcome to Adopt Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - September 2020

Healthcare organizations have been facing increasing cyber attacks from hackers with more than 15 million patient records accessed in 503 breaches during 2018 alone. Blockchain technology can help secure confidential healthcare data across a decentralized network, but it still poses a number challenges that must be overcome.

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How Blockchain Solutions Can Improve the Education Sector
IEEE Tech Policy & Ethics - July 2020

Starting with identity management and the “laws of identity,” this article will discuss the current challenges and requirements imposed upon students in the education sector today. Building upon identity and record-keeping on a blockchain, the access granted to requesting entities is defined within access security. An exploration of the challenges and benefits by implementing blockchain and identity management with access security will highlight areas where complicated processes can be simplified with the use of blockchain technology. The summary below will detail how blockchain and identity management can be implemented to simplify and improve the current procedures that exist today.

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How Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Global Supply Chains During the Pandemic
IEEE Innovation at Work - June 2020

The pandemic has created major disruptions in the global supply chain, calling attention to the greater need for connectivity and data transfer. To help improve and streamline current processes, organizations around the world are already integrating blockchain technologies into supply chains.

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Can Blockchain Help to Stop the Spread of COVID-19?
IEEE Innovation at Work - April 2020

Learn how blockchain can be used to track the COVID-19 pandemic and help officials better understand the virus in order to make decisions about how to curb its spread.

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Spanish Researchers Use Blockchain and AI to Flatten the Curve
The Institute - April 2020

IEEE members Juan Manuel Corchado and Javier Prieto lead the project

In this article, The Institute interviews IEEE Member Juan Manuel Corchado and IEEE Senior Member Javier Prieto who are leading a team in Salamanca, Spain to design a blockchain and AI-based app that predicts the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Blockchain Can Transform Healthcare
IEEE Innovation at Work - March 2020

From supply chain and clinical trial management to securely recording and protecting patient data, the integration of blockchain technology in healthcare will revolutionize the industry worldwide. However, there are several major challenges ahead that blockchain must first overcome.

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China Launches National Blockchain Network in 100 Cities
IEEE Spectrum - March 2020

Proponents say it will reduce the cost of doing blockchain-based business by 80 percent

China has effectively banned Bitcoin, but is embracing blockchain wholeheartedly.

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How Businesses and Governments Plan to Invest in Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - February 2020

Recent advancements in the realm of blockchain offer many opportunities that businesses and governments can utilize. In this article, various use cases are examined, including cloud-based solutions, ways in which blockchain can revolutionize business-customer relationships, and how distributed ledger technology could streamline the world economy.

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Raising the World’s Standards in Cryptocurrency
IEEE Beyond Standards - February 2020

Did you know that global cryptocurrency payments exceed $1 million USD each day? Yet, the lack of cryptocurrency standards and trust between investors and service providers remain major hindrances. To help, the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Blockchain Standards Committee has established working groups to address the need, and two series of cryptocurrency standards-development projects are underway.

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Blockchain-as-a-Service for Supply Chain
IEEE Innovation at Work - January 2020

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) can benefit companies of various sizes and help them scale to better keep up with increasing demands. Learn about the benefits that this technology offers for supply chains, and read about some real life examples from Starbucks and IBM, who are using BaaS in applications that show consumers where their coffee comes from.

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