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Pharma Blockchain Bootcamp – Speakers Perspectives on Blockchain
Beyond Standards - November 2016

"IEEE-SA is pleased to support the Pharma Blockchain Bootcamp presented by DisruptiveRX. The event provides an introduction to blockchain technology and the key areas where applications could have a significant impact in securing, managing and leveraging of data throughout the enterprise from R&D to clinical to commercialization. Key issues to be addressed: what exactly is blockchain and why is it considered a disruptive innovation, wherein the pharma enterprise and what can blockchain enhance; the business, legal, and regulatory considerations with implementation and more."

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How Emerging Technology Will Disrupt the Financial Industry
The Institute - September 2016

An MIT Sloan event addresses how big data, machine learning, and blockchain technology can provide customized products and services.

"Professionals from the finance and technology sectors convened in New York City on 16 September to learn about how recent technology innovations are transforming banking and the stock market as well as credit cards, loans, and other financial products and services. The theme of the event, hosted by MIT Sloan, was “FinTech (Financial Technology) and the Disruption of Finance.” The speakers made it clear that machine learning and other new technologies are certain to bring big changes to the financial industry."

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Advancing HealthTech for Humanity during National Healthcare IT Week (and beyond)
Beyond Standards - September 2016

"Blockchain is everywhere. No matter where you look, and who you speak to these days, the expected implications of the technology are considered to be game changing – and rightfully so. With the ability to impact the way we trust, anonymize, identify and engage through the distributed ledger technology, the applications can span far and wide with potentially positive results across various sectors. Examples include – greater patient autonomy and ownership in their information; addressing counterfeiting in the supply chain; transactive energy; counterfeit management; considerations towards a potentially trust-worthy IoT; and hundreds of other applications."

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Getting Linked to the Blockchain
The Institute - August 2016

IEEE will develop courses and standards for the technology, which has potential uses way beyond Bitcoin.

"Blockchain technology, best known among experts for its key role at the heart of Bitcoin electronic-money transactions, allows for secure, transparent, decentralized operations. Everyone using the system can see what’s going on, yet the technology makes it difficult to hack into or destroy accounts. The strong security for transactions, which are made anonymously, is a main reason the technology’s potential goes well beyond digital payments. It soon could be used, for example, to secure medical records and voting in elections."

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What is Blockchain, and is it the Key to Bitcoin’s Future?
Computing Now - January 2016

"The core behind Bitcoin is blockchain, a network of computers that must approve a transaction (in Bitcoin’s case, of a financial nature) has taken place before it is recorded in a chain of computer code. Cryptography keeps the transaction secure, and anyone on the network can see the details of the transaction in a shared database, without a need for a middleman governing that transaction."

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