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Our Top 10 of 2018
IEEE Innovation at Work - December 2018

"As we count down the last few days of 2018, we’re taking a look at the top Innovation at Work articles of the year. This top 10 list is based on reader views, likes, comments, and more.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, edge computing, and more — you’ll find it all here with IEEE."

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How Blockchain Has the Potential to Disrupt Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and More [Infographic]
The Block - December 2018

An infographic from BitFortune explores 16 potential industries blockchain could disrupt, from health to banking to retail.

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A New Approach to Bridging the Blockchain Skills Gap
IEEE Innovation at Work - December 2018

There’s currently an unparalleled demand for blockchain developers, as both startups and established companies look to build on the innovative ledger technology.

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7 Reasons to Register for Advanced Blockchain for Enterprise
IEEE Innovation at Work - November 2018

Get ready to explore how blockchain can be used to solve problems and create real value for your organization with next month’s Advanced Blockchain for Enterprise live virtual event.

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5 Ways Manufacturers Are Using Blockchain for Their Supply Chains
IEEE Innovation at Work - November 2018

A new study by Capgemini Research Institute surveyed organizations about their plans for utilizing Blockchain in their supply chains. This article captures key takeaways from the study, including the drivers behind manufacturers’ Blockchain investments, areas where Blockchain will see the greatest adoption, and how Blockchain will revolutionize the manufacturing process.

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IoT, Robotics, and Blockchain: Towards the Rise of a Human Independent Ecosystem
ComSoc Technology News - November 2018

"Blockchain is a disruptive and innovative technology which can transform almost every aspect of the industrial processes - from manufacturing or construction to repair and maintenance. Blockchain is a shared, tamper-proof distributed ledger for recording and tracking the transactions and sharing them in a network. The completely distributed and autonomous nature of Blockchain operation enables industrial machines, processes, and systems to communicate with each other in a secure manner and sign transactions without relying on a third-party for processing or verification of transactions. These transactions are stored on a distributed ledger which is comprised of cryptographically linked blocks of transactions referred to as the Blockchain."

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View from India: Blockchain Adds Flavour to Coffee
E&T - November 2018

Blockchain and 5G are among the technologies that have a transformative impact across industries.

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Why Blockchain Has Such a Promising Future in Healthcare
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2018

The secure, high-integrity, neutral third party nature of Blockchain may be a promising solution for managing healthcare data, improving the handling of patient records, and reducing medical errors.

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It’s a Good Time to Be a Blockchain Developer
IEEE Spectrum - October 2018

Blockchain skills are in demand. Online recruitment firm Glassdoor indicated that opportunities are booming for those with experience in Blockchain, especially software engineers, which tops the list of Blockchain-related roles that are most in demand.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Blockchain for Your Business
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2018

With many businesses hoping to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technologies, a number of important questions regarding implementation has many scratching their heads. Here's a list of top questions to consider before adopting blockchain.

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Can Blockchain Rescue the Stalled IoT?
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2018

With IoT deployments facing security, privacy, and identity concerns, applying Blockchain-based solutions could significantly enhance IoT frameworks with more automated resource optimization and innate security. A hybrid or polyglot architecture is likely to emerge.

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Applying Blockchain for eGovernment
TechTalks - October 2018

What improvements will blockchain technologies bring to eGovernment services? Implemented well, it will cut costs and help to build trust and transparency, particularly in developing countries where governments are currently scaling digital services.

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Shipping Giants Employ Blockchain Technology to Manage Supply Chain Logistics
IEEE Innovation at Work - October 2018

Learn how two of the largest U.S.-based shipping companies, UPS and FedEx, each plan to leverage blockchain and its secure digital ledger technology to help address challenges in supply chain logistics, determine the most efficient transit routes, streamline data exchanges, and more.

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Blockchain for Smart Cities
IEEE Smart Cities Newsletter - October 2018

"Blockchain (BC) technology is the distributed storage of information with high security. BC can store data on transactions such as from who it was received, to whom it was sent, and the amount of cryptocurrencies transferred. Currently, Blockchain has attempted to apply to manage smart cities, conduct energy trading, ‘connect’ Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT), create smart contracts and others. BC is completely protected from the substitution of information in existing blocks of the chain. This property makes the BC technology able to protect the information that is transmitted from various sensors and mobile devices."

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Hack-Resistant Blockchain Could Be the Solution to AV Security Challenges
IEEE Innovation at Work - September 2018

As automation in vehicles continues to grow, addressing new challenges concerning data security in autonomous vehicles (AVs) is vital. How will the massive amount of data created by AVs be processed, stored, and protected? Could the tamper-resistant nature of blockchain make it an ideal solution?

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10 Questions to Ask Before You Use Blockchain
Forbes - September 2018

This article provides a look at some key advantages of blockchain, examples and use cases, and important questions that leaders should ask before they embark on using blockchain.

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Ensuring Better Insurance with a Blockchain Framework
IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight - September 2018

Insurance claims and other insurance processes could become faster and more secure with a new blockchain framework created by researchers from Nanyang Technological University and the Indian Statistical Institute. It can be used for completing contracts, storing the results, controling access, and user authentication.

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How Blockchain Technology Could Track and Trace Food From Farm to Fork
The Institute - August 2018

IEEE standards working group is using the distributed ledger to improve and secure the supply chain

Determining the source of food contamination can be challenging due to the many players of the supply chain using their own private record-keeping system. IEEE is exploring how blockchain can track the source of an outbreak by using a distributed ledger that is monitored and verified.

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5 Sectors Exploring New Ways of Doing Business with Advanced Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - August 2018

Blockchain is impacting a number of industries across the world. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, blockchain will bring about new and as of yet unimagined ways of doing business. Here are five different sectors on the path to disruption.

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Adapting Blockchain for GDPR Compliance
InformationWeek - August 2018

Yes, there are ways for Blockchain applications to be compliant with the European Union's GDPR privacy regulations.

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IEEE Blockchain Initiative Helps to Advance the Decentralized Ledger
The Institute - August 2018

Members are developing standards and e-learning courses, and forming local groups

"To help advance the technology, IEEE launched its Blockchain Initiative in January, and dozens of activities are underway. They include standards development and e-learning courses, as well as conferences. Groups have been formed worldwide to focus on blockchain applications based on local needs."

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Blockchain Smart Contracts: How the Music Industry Stands to Benefit
IEEE Innovation at Work - July 2018

"With all the music apps available today, you’d think that musicians are raking in money, hand over fist. But with many parties clamoring for their share, from music labels to producers, managers, and more, and unreliable metadata (which contains info like who the rights holders are) accompanying each track, an artist may not get paid for their work for quite some time – or at all. This is a huge issue, especially for smaller artists who depend on that income as they’re getting started in the industry."

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Women on the Block: How Blockchain Is Breaking New Ground Outside of Technology
The Block - Blockchain Technology News - July 2018

"There has been a lot of hype related to the blockchain and, while the technology has broad appeal to build trust and help alleviate inefficiencies when transacting a wide-range of assets, there have also been numerous cases of fraud, particularly in the realm of digital currency and financial investment."

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Key Researchers on the Pace and Peculiarities of Developing Quantum Computing—and the Possible End of Bitcoin
IEEE Spectrum - July 2018

Quantum computing is still as much science as engineering; progress could destroy cryptocurrencies

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Is Blockchain Technology the Answer to Ending Poverty?
IEEE Innovation at Work - July 2018

"Among the many challenges that blockchain technology is poised to solve, is ending poverty. While technological advancements have significantly reduced global poverty over the past century, it is still not gone. There are still more than 1.3 billion people in the world living in extreme poverty (defined as having less than $1.25 to spend each day)."

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Is the Blockchain a Good Solution for Cybersecurity in the Smart Grid?
IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter - July 2018

Nowadays the blockchain is one of the most important topics in research. This is because its applications are varied and in all fields. One of these fields is for the Smart Grid. Although blockchain itself is a cybersecurity mechanism, many of its applications have been carried out in the area of decentralization and trading energy. This work focuses on showing all the advantages and disadvantages of using blockchain as a cybersecurity mechanism in all the parts that make up the smart grid. Finally, it is concluded if the blockchain is the appropriate tool to guarantee information security in the smart grid.

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IoT Could Be the Killer App for Blockchain
Computerworld - June 2018

IEEE member Mario Milicevic discusses blockchain’s potential effect on the Internet of Things, specifically as they relate to supply chain management and secure access to IoT sensors.

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Bitcoin Price Tumbles After $31 Million Hack on Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange
The Independent - June 2018

IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses the unrecoverable nature of cryptocurrencies once stolen.

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Securing Mobile Health Data Transmissions with Blockchain Technology
IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight - June 2018

To protect health data transmitted by wearables and mobile technology, researchers have designed a novel blockchain-based mobile health data sharing system.

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6 Real-World Challenges that Blockchain Technology is Poised to Solve
IEEE Innovation at Work - June 2018

"Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are thought to be one in the same, but they should not be mistaken as so. This valuable technology has implications that go far beyond finance. Blockchain can spur innovations that address some of society’s most glaring inefficiencies. Issues such as cutting costs, reducing delays, and upholding the integrity of data need to be addressed. It may disrupt countless industries, including healthcare, real estate and government, in all the best ways."

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Malta Pilots Blockchain-Based Credentials Program
IEEE Spectrum - June 2018

Malta’s pilot, which is the largest-ever attempt to store important records on a blockchain, may inspire other small nations to follow suit

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3 Obstacles to Moving Social Media Platforms to a Blockchain
IEEE Spectrum - May 2018

Taiwan’s PTT bulletin board system sees distributed ledgers as key to its future

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This High-Performance Blockchain Promises to Protect the Art World
IEEE Innovation at Work - May 2018

"Although blockchain came into existence in 2008 with the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, this technological platform can be applied to many other innovations that have nothing to do with money. Blockchain holds promise for networking, transportation, real estate, energy management, government, public records, cybersecurity and more."

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How Blockchain Can Fill the Talent Gap in Cybersecurity and AI
CoinCentral - May 2018

IEEE member Mario Milicevic discusses how blockchain can be leveraged to verify credentials when recruiting AI and cybersecurity talent.

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Cryptocurrency Mining: A Primer
IEEE Transmitter - May 2018

"Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Dogecoin, the list goes on – cryptocurrencies have captured the public imagination, and they’ve grown (and sometimes fallen) rapidly this past year. Of the buzzwords often associated with cryptocurrencies, one is blockchain, which has the potential to impact a number of industries (like the Internet of Things)."

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Meet the IEEE Blockchain for Clinical Trials Whiteboard Challenge Winner
Beyond Standards - April 2018

"With the IEEE Blockchain for Clinical Trials event, the IEEE provided a forum for diverse groups interested in pharmaceuticals, medicine, and blockchain technologies to interface with each other."

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Forging a Stronger Blockchain with Identity-based Network Security
IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight - April 2018

Blockchain provides an immutable ledger to track business transactions, and a new identity-based network security for blockchain will secure that data.

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Can Blockchain Secure the Internet of Things?
IEEE Transmitter - March 2018

"The Internet of Things (IoT) was a fixture in the news last year. While most of that press was positive, one negative area was security vulnerabilities (remember when IoT devices became part of a botnet that took down DNS servers?). Some progress has been made, but there’s a lot more work to be done."

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Why It’s Time to Get on Board with Blockchain
IEEE Innovation at Work - March 2018

"Experts are predicting that blockchain will have an equal or greater impact than the birth of the internet. There are many benefits to this technology, and as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, more and more companies are jumping on board."

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Paying for Genetic Data with Cryptocurrency
IEEE Spectrum - March 2018

A startup is betting on blockchain to get people to sequence and share their genomes

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To Blockchain or Not to Blockchain: That Is the Question
IT Professional - March 2018

Blockchain has been considered a breakthrough technology—but does your company need it? In this article, the authors discuss the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technology using examples from the insurance sector, which can be generalized and applied to other sectors.

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Blockchain: A Technical Overview
IEEE Internet Initiative - March 2018

It can be argued that blockchain technology is the real reason for success of cryptocurrencies. From a technical perspective—independent of Bitcoin or other currencies—blockchain can be applied to many scenarios where transaction verification is a must. In fact, many researchers have already started exploring different avenues where modified versions of blockchain technology can be applied to non-financial transactions. Blockchain is a protocol that uses existing cryptographic techniques to ensure the security and privacy of information, its integrity, and provides a mechanism for the authentication of participating entities. This article reviews various cryptographic algorithms that can be implemented in conjunction with blockchain technology.

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology: Registration Now Open
IEEE Innovation at Work - February 2018

"Blockchain is everywhere today, disrupting industries far beyond bitcoin and banking. Blockchain holds promise for networking, IoT, transportation and logistics, academia, government and public records, cyber security, healthcare, cloud storage, energy management, real estate, insurance, and many other sectors. Blockchain is here to stay, and your organization needs to learn as much as possible, as soon as possible, about it."

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Understanding Blockchain Technology: A Brief Bitcoin Case Study
IEEE Innovation at Work - February 2018

"It can now safely be said that currency was the first of many blockchain applications. Bitcoin is one of thousands of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-inspired technologies, some of which are in no way intended to be used as money. Most of these applications will evolve on platforms with more general-purpose designs than Bitcoin."

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What Is Blockchain Bounce?
IEEE Innovation at Work - February 2018

"There is a veritably deafening buzz around blockchain at the moment as it’s the technology du jour. And rightfully so, as it ticks a lot of boxes: it’s decentralized, anonymous, and immutable. It also promises security through truth and transparency."

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Beyond Bitcoin: The Rise of Blockchain World
Computer - February 2018

The brave new world of blockchain potentially transforms the financial structures we have come to know and feel ambivalent about. What does a decentralized, secure system mean for our society?

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Leveraging Blockchain for Clinical Trials/Research
Beyond Standards - January 2018

"When you consider the exorbitant costs and excessive timelines associated with new drug development, it’s no wonder that pharmaceutical companies are eager to improve on the clinical trials process, and more rapidly and thoroughly demonstrate safety and efficacy of new medicines to get US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or other regional authority’s approval. Many people involved in that process are now exploring how blockchain technology can be tapped to conduct better and faster clinical trials that will accelerate innovation in healthcare, and do so with data governance that gives patients peace of mind, and that can further lead to improved patient engagement and safety."

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IoT Trends in 2018: AI, Blockchain, and the Edge
IEEE Internet of Things - January 2018

"The Internet of Things has come a long way since the early 80s, when a group of Carnegie Mellon students turned a Coke machine into what may be the first Internet appliance. Their journey began after these students became growing frustrated to find out the machine was empty. That lone connected device has since been joined by billions of others – an estimated 29 billion within the next two years, according to IDC – spanning industries as diverse as automotive, manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, and almost any other industry you can imagine."

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CES 2018: AI, Blockchains, and Emerging Memory Technologies Will Make Their Mark on Consumer Electronics
IEEE Spectrum - January 2018

"Consumer devices are getting smarter, they can follow our instructions, help us find our way and even assist us in driving our cars. They are listening to our sentences and following our instructions. These capabilities are enabled by the application of artificial intelligence—particularly machine learning—using ever-evolving electronics and software. At this year’s CES show in Las Vegas I expect AI to be enabling and enhancing an increasing number of consumer devices and services. AI will enable and control Internet of Things-based products, whether these are automated vehicles, voice-controlled devices in the home, or an increasing array of cloud-based consumer services."

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Charity Lets You Mine Monero to Post Bail
IEEE Spectrum - January 2018

"After years of languishing in semi-obscurity, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are back in the spotlight after they recently hit record-breaking prices. Now, amid the frenzy, some enthusiasts are finding creative ways to use cryptocurrencies to drive charitable giving."

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