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New Alternative to Bitcoin Uses Negligible Energy

New Alternative to Bitcoin Uses Negligible Energy

In a new study by the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland, scientists suggest simpler, faster, and less energy-intensive "consensusless" algorithms that generate just a few grams of carbon dioxide per transaction as an alternative to the Bitcoin protocol.

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Blockchain consensus for the Internet of Things

Blockchain Consensus for the Internet of Things

"Blockchain-based IoT solutions are well suited for simplifying business processes while reducing overall costs and security threats. As an example, IoT can exploit blockchain technology to build trust among untrusted devices or federated IoT areas, reduce infrastructure costs, and accelerate data exchanges."

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Blockchain Smartphones—Going Mobile

Blockchain Smartphones—Going Mobile

While blockchain smartphones are not yet widely available, telcos have been investing in combining blockchain technology with smartphones to create decentralized mobile devices, which could lead to the creation of a decentralized web.

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