IEEE recognizes the vital role standards will play in the development and adoption of blockchain technologies. IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), a globally recognized standards-setting body within IEEE, has been actively pursuing blockchain standardization efforts through various activities in multiple industry sectors, including the launch of the world's first Advancing HealthTech for Humanity™ virtual blockchain workshop.

The IEEE Blockchain Initiative will collaborate with IEEE-SA to further develop and progress blockchain related standards.

Recent standards activities related to Blockchain include:

Pharma Supply Blockchain Research Report

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) commissioned a one-of-a-kind independent research study to examine the State of Blockchain Adoption on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. The report offers detailed insights on unresolved financial, regulator, and policy, and protocol issues, expectations and commitment of partners when participating on a blockchain-based pharmaceutical supply chain.

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Blockchain for Agriculture

Blockchain for Agriculture

Latest Events

Blockchain For Agriculture Forum
28-29 November 2018 | Honolulu, Hawaii


Blockchain for Clinical Trials

Blockchain for Clinical TrialsFrom a global perspective, the application of blockchain technologies in the context of clinical research is broad and promising. Tracking the complex data flow with numerous diverse stakeholders, and documenting it in real-time through a timestamping workflow, is a key step towards proving data consistency and inviolability, and will hence improve clinical trial methodology. The Blockchain for Clinical Trials Insights Program is a multi-phase eye-opening learning program that will introduce and evaluate blockchain applications for clinical trials while examining the impact of convergence of emerging technologies such as IoT and AI and blockchain for optimizing the process.

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Pharma Supply Blockchain

Pharma Supply BlockchainThe Pharma Supply Blockchain Forum is the first in a series of transformative events presenting a non-biased, educational program with the goal of developing a roadmap for advancing adoption of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical enterprise. Throughout this Forum participants get a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and challenges of employing a blockchain solution on the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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Past Events

Meeting the FDA’s DSCSA Serialization Guidelines with Blockchain
Live Webcast: 6 December 2017 @ 2:00 PM ET

“Cutting to the Trace with Blockchain” Workshop
8 November 2017 | Washington DC
held during the 8th annual HDA Traceability Seminar

Pharma Supply Blockchain Forum
6 June 2017 | Johns Hopkins University, Rockville, MD

Live Webinar: Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with Blockchain
9 May 2017 @ 1:00 PM ET
Live Webcast – View On Demand Recording (YouTube)

IEEE-SA Blockchain Events

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