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2019 IEEE Global Blockchain Summit at NISTThe IEEE Global Blockchain Summit will be held 16-18 September 2019 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Hosted by the IEEE Blockchain Initiative in partnership with NIST, this 3-day conference will deliver educational talks, spark interesting debate and offer networking opportunities for those interested and involved in blockchain technology. Registration is open now with an early bird discount available until 31 August. This Q&A will provide the details and benefits of attending.

What are the key themes and topics the Summit will cover?

Claudio LimaDr. Claudio Lima is an industry thought leader and entrepreneur in Advanced Digital Transformation and the founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council (BEC), which promotes industry advances at the intersection of Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Blockchain and Machine Learning/AI. Drawing on a passion for Blockchain Distributed Ledger and AI/IoT technologies, he is leading advanced research and has created the industry vision and project initiatives to develop smart contract-driven IoT autonomous machines (auto-bots), using AI and edge-IOT computing. Previously, Dr. Lima served as Global Smart Grid CTO of Huawei Technologies in Europe-Asia-Pacific and as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS)/Sr. Research Scientist at Sprint Advanced Technology Labs (Sprint ATL), in Silicon Valley, CA. He also served as Vice Chair of the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Standards, where he made significant contributions to the development of global Smart Grid. Dr. Lima is chair of the IEEE Blockchain in Energy Standards WG - P2418.5, vice-chair of the IEEE Blockchain IoT Standards WG- P2418.1, member of the Blockchain/DLT Cybersecurity Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of PNNL/DOE, technical chair of the IEEE-PES Blockchain in Energy Workshop and IEEE-NIST Blockchain Global Summit, and former global standards director of EEA Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. He has more than 12+ USPTO patents and +150 conference and peer-review papers publication and he also is a regular industry speaker in IoT/Blockchain/AI conferences.

Q: Can you please provide an overview of the Blockchain Engineering Council-BEC and its mission?