Optimizing and securing the “Food-Chain” from ground to table

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Should I Eat That? Can Blockchain Answer the Question?

We eat to live. And what we eat is vital to our survival. When it comes to fresh produce and meat, there are many factors that can impact the safety, security and optimization of the food value chain, including:

  • food and seed contamination
  • disease outbreaks in livestock, manufacturing and processing
  • climate change impact on soil and irrigation
  • inaccurate temperature tracking, handling and shipping of products
  • limited financial and commercial resources for smaller farmers and retailers to further or invest in production
  • widespread food recalls
  • “unprotected and uninformed” consumers


Food for Thought: Providing the ability for a consumer to verify the origins of their food is not only good customer service but could mean the difference in life or death during food recalls.


Getting food from the ground to the table is a multi-phase, complex process riddled with risks that make both consumers and entities vulnerable. Is there was a way to effectively track and trace the food supply chain from the seed to the final product, offer more revenue opportunities, and--most importantly--inform and better protect the consumer?

Blockchain for the agriculture value chain could be the answer and it is critical for us to explore its viability.