Moving the Blockchain for Clinical Trials Conversation from Why to How & When


More than two years into the exploration and evaluation of blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), we understand WHY this technology will make a significant impact on clinical trials and research operations. Now we need to identify solutions that will answer HOW and WHEN.

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) hosted the first Blockchain for Clinical Trials Forum in February 2018 in Orlando, FL. This successful workshop brought together experts in regulatory, clinical, and health alongside blockchain health technologists and yielded two IEEE-SA pre-standards workstreams: Smart Contracts for Informed Consent and Patient Data Quality Scoring and Streaming Patient Data into the Blockchain.

In Scotland on 14-15 November 2018, we will discuss “How and When” blockchain will be adopted in clinical trials operations. The Forum will feature a highly established innovation leaders from European consortia and multinational pharmaceutical organizations, regulatory authorities, and blockchain solution companies. Each presenter will share their Proof of Concept and/or Pilot for public or private blockchains.

Confirmed Participants include Consortia and Workgroup Leads from:

  • Pfizer’s Patient Data Donation on Blockchain Project
  • Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) Blockchain Enabled Healthcare Group
  • phuse Emerging Technology Blockchain Healthcare Working group
  • European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH) Working Group

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This event will take place alongside the IEEE-SA Wearables & Medical IoT Interoperability and Intelligence (WAMIII) Europe Workshop (13 November 2018) which will address two rapidly progressing technologies – Blockchain and Clinical-Grade IoTs – and the associated challenges and benefits they bring to the industry.

Attending both the Forum and Workshop will highlight the role of emerging technology (AI, ML, IoTs, and Blockchain) in offering robust and intelligent use of patient data to advance medicine while elevating the patient as a critical partner.


Viable Use Cases for Practical Learning and Discussions

The community of digital innovation and clinical leaders have identified viable use of blockchain in addressing challenges including:

  • Consent-based democratized patient-centered blockchain to revolutionize patient recruitment. More access to consenting qualified patient blockchain yields better trial design, optimized trials process, improved patient safety and efficacy, enhanced drug development process.
  • Restoring integrity to clinical trial data – one record of truth decentralized and distributed in a tamper proof environment, accessible and appended by permissioned parties.
  • Optimizing and enhanced tracking of the clinical trials supply chain. Clear, untampered visibility of the track of a clinical trial kit from the sponsor through to patient consumption.
  • Providing a means to realizing the potential of Digitalization of Clinical Trials leveraging blockchain in combination with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, Virtual Reality (VR) and more.

The Blockchain for Clinical Trials Forum is an “edu-working” event with three equal elements:

  1. Learning. Hear from experts on case studies, new technology developments (sensors, communication, security) and applications (research, diagnostic, treatment), and POCs on interoperability of these “deep technology” clinical devices.
  2. Working. Attendees are expected to think, participate, and engage in working group sessions to identify challenges – technical, regulatory, business, or application – impeding the progress on solutions for interoperability and security of devices.
  3. Outcomes. All participants leave the workshop with a commitment to work on outcomes by participating on IEEE-SA pre-standards workstreams and/or contribute research and ideas on industry guidance.



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Who is this program for?

Professionals in the following areas:

Pharmaceutical/Health Organization

  • Digital Innovation
  • Clinical/Patient Data Acquisition
  • Clinical Trial Study Design
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Monitoring/Execution
  • Data Management/Governance
  • Patient Outreach/Engagement
  • Clinical Operations
  • Medical Research Operations
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Compliance
  • Clinical Project Lead
  • Principal Investigator
  • Partnership Development

Supporting Organizations:

  • Academia – researchers
  • Legal firms
  • Patient Advocacy Groups/NGOs
  • Regulatory – policy makers
  • Clinical Trials Solutions and Services (non-emerging technology)

Technology Organizations

  • Blockchain platform providers
  • Blockchain service providers
  • Clinical IoT developer
  • Predictive Analytics provider
  • Artificial Intelligence provider