What’s the status of blockchain adoption on the pharmaceutical supply chain?


What’s the status of blockchain adoption on the pharmaceutical supply chain?

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) sponsored a groundbreaking, independent research study (in August 2017) focused on the State of Blockchain Adoption on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and will offer detailed insights on unresolved issues, expectations and commitment towards adoption of blockchain for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The research will be conducted by an independent, industry-recognized, third-party research firm which will survey an adequate sample of key partners on the chain including pharma manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, and dispensaries.

If you want to know what the pharmaceutical supply chain executives (across the chain) think about adoption of Blockchain to secure and optimize their operations, then this is the report for you.


Top Questions Surrounding this Study

Q. Who is the intended audience of the report?

Regardless whether you are familiar with and/or are interested in blockchain applications there is a great deal of insight that can be extracted from this report. For the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, they will get a first-hand perspective on what the industry thinks and aspires to get out of the technology. For technologists, they will get insight into key questions that are unresolved acting as barriers to considering or adopting the technology.

Q. What is this report unique and groundbreaking?

We need to get beyond the hype about investments and priority of the technology and focus on the industry concerns and answers that need to be addressed. It’s the first blockchain research study that taps the pulse of pharmaceutical professionals on their interest and progress towards adoption of the technology; the challenges that are impeding their progress; and their commitment to achieving full implementation. The report goes directly to the decion-makers who are eager to innovate the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Q. Why was the study administered?

The survey was administered and quality controlled by a 3rd party, global research firm, Ipsos. The basis of the study was to develop an unbiased, practical, gap analysis of unaddressed challenges that are impeding blockchain adoption within the pharmaceutical supply chain. We wanted to get to the root to barriers to adoption so that we (IEEE) can educate the technologists and industry executives on what is missing, what needs to be addressed, and where Standards could be a key to accelerating adoption.

Q. Who participated in the study?

The study is based on 300 respondents equally representing key trading partners on the chain: 31% pharma manufacturers, 34% wholesalers, and 35% Dispensaries (inclusive of Pharmacy Benefit Managers)

Q. What are the most interesting “learning points” about this study?

The number of entities and executives with informed awareness of blockchain who are already in proof of concept (POC) or pilot phase of blockchain applications in their organizations. Plus their understanding of the power struggle of financial responsibility and data ownership when employing a blockchain solution.

Preview of the Study Results

Who benefits the most from Blockchain Technology?


IEEE-SA sponsored the State of Blockchain Adoption on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Study



Get a Copy of the Study Results? More Information?

The study was fielded in August 2017 and will publish in October 2017. If you subscribe to our interest list you will be automatically included in our exclusive pre-publish sale period which will include a 10% discount on the full standard rate. To join our subscribe list or learn more about the study, click here.


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